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OOTD: The Yellow House

Happy Monday everyone. How is the weather where you are? For us here in Toronto, the weather this summer can’t seem to stay consistent! Its so hard to go for mid afternoon walks when its raining outside. ┬áRecently, Toronto has been bombarded with rain and flooding! Not ideal weather at all. Gavin and myself love going out for walks and enjoying a nice breath of fresh air. ­čÖé

Last week on our walk we found this cute yellow house buried in the middle of the city. How cute is it? It looks like a cute little country house that needed a cute white picket fence around it.  I love pastel homes, I think they are adorable. My dream house one day needs to be some sort of pastel shade (preferable pink or yellow) with a bright coloured door and a white picket fence.

The outfit I wore here is perfect for warm sunny summer days. Even though this skirt is long and may seem to be too much clothing for a hot and humid day, this fabric has super light weight. I love the front of this skirt and how it splits down the middle to give it a more dramatic and wavy effect.


Skirt: Forever 21/ Shirt: Forever 21/ Shoes: Steve Madden/ Purse: Winners 





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