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OOTD: Pink & White Stripes

It is finally Friday everyone, can I get a hallelujah!

I for one am a person who loves and cherishes my weekends, especially when I am promised some beautiful, warm and sunny weather :). Now, for those of you who know me, you know that I was born wearing pink and white. Everything I own is pink, my lipstick, my cloths, my stuffed animals, even my bed spread! All pink 🙂 ! Just the way I like it.

Have you ever walked down the street and saw a little girl wearing the cutest outfit and wondered “man, I wish they made that for adults”? Yeah, thats me, I do it all the time. Little girls must be creeped out by the amount of times I check out there cute little pom pom skirts and frilly shirts, and don’t get me started on those shoes that light up! They seriously need to make that for adults, I mean how cool would that be?! Anyways, I am getting off topic here, today’s blog is all about this beautiful pink and white dress!

I bought this dress when I went to New York city with my parents. My mom and I were walking around the giant Forever 21 they have in Times Square. It was huge and had to about 6 floors! Lets just say it wasn’t a “let me just go in and look” kind store. I was so overwhelmed in there, all the cloths, all the jewelry! Did you know their jewellery section is half a floor… half a floor! Yeah, insane right?! Once we finally got down to the bottom of the store I laid my eyes on this dress. I knew from the start that this was mine. No hesitation and no regret. I marched over there and owned that dress! It was that “little-girl-dress-made-for-an-adult” that I’ve always wanted.

This dress is a few years old now and never ceases to fail. It always makes me feel pretty, girly, and happy. What more can you ask for in a dress? I decided to pair it with my gold Kate Spade flats, partially because I felt that this outfit had a bit of a Kate Spade vibe to it. I ended it my pairing it with my rose gold earrings from H&M and my beige gold chain purse.

Dress: Forever 21 / Shoes: Kate Spade / Purse: Winners / Earrings: H&M







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